How Alibaba Is Using Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare

iStock photo Alibaba (BABA) is charting a way to push the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in diagnostics and healthcare to make medical treatment more accessible, timely, and affordable. Alibaba Cloud is actively working on AI-powered solutions to tackle heath care problems in China and globally. Here’s a look at Alibaba’s efforts to bring AI to the healthcare arena and why this exercise matters. Problems The World Health Organization database reveals that the world’s most populous nation, China, has a shortage of physicians with only 1.49 doctors available for every 1,000 people, lower than 2.55 in the U.S., 2.8 in the UK, and 3.37 in Australia. There is a further shortage of specialist doctors (such as radiologists and oncologists) despite the huge workload; such mismatches increase the chances of misdiagnosis and wrong treatment. There is the problem of uneven distribution as well. Despite the advances made in the field of medicine, a high percentage of population faces challenges such as lack of access to health care; 43% of China’s population resides in rural areas, making it difficult for them to have timely access to medical examination. According to the American Cancer Society, cancer is the leading cause of death in…

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