How Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Recruitment

In its most basic form, Artificial Intelligence is a computer system designed to learn, make decisions and carry out tasks that would normally require human intervention. Speech recognition software, self-driving cars, chatbots that talk to the public and manufacturing robots all rely on Artificial Intelligence. In the future, perhaps we can look forward to robot butlers that can cook and clean, police that patrol the streets 24–7, robotic friends and if you believe Tesla boss Elon Musk, an eventual Terminator-style apocalypse where the machines become self-aware and decide to wipe us out… You’ve also probably read the headlines about artificial intelligence and how “robots are going to take all of our jobs” one day. Administrators, production line workers, customer service reps, professional drivers and perhaps even surgeons are all set to be casualties of the machine learning age (apparently). Well that’s quite scary, right? It doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom! In my personal opinion, you’ll always need a human touch when it comes to recruitment (and many other jobs, supposedly getting taken over by AI). You need that gut instinct and judgement to know whether someone will actually fit into the team. And we all know hard skills…

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