How artificial intelligence could affect marketing and creativity in the future

Advertisers and marketers are really good at spamming consumers with competitions and other content, but technology developments could see the dynamics flipped on their head.

Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, a computer coder managed to win 1 000 Twitter competitions entered automatically by a bot built to beat the system.

Another example of how the coming age of artificial intelligence will affect marketing and creativity is the self-editing action camera Graava.

The camera records highlights of your day based on your body temperature and heart rate and edits the video for you.

It will detect what is an exciting scene to film, edited the content and upload it to a social network automatically. Artificial intelligence could do all the work for us and allow us to be in the moment .

Jonathan Cherry, advertising expert

Advertising expert Jonathan Cherry says that one of the shortcomings of artificial intelligence is that it cannot replicate human emotion and nuance yet.

Pic of the Week: Coca-Cola’s Buy the World a Hope campaign

Could Coca-Cola really suspend its advertising for a full year? That is what it has proposed in a recent campaign.

According to Cherry, the idea is that they will not advertise for an entire year and use the $3 billion spared to save the Amazon rain forest and reverse global warming.

They have committed to the worlds biggest brand activation – an interesting idea. Coke are master marketers, so I think it is one concept to watch.

Jonathan Cherry, advertising expert

WATCH: Buy The World A Hope

Listen to the full conversation, with Pippa Hudson standing in, on CapeTalk’s Breakfast with Kieno Kammies:

Source: How artificial intelligence could affect marketing and creativity in the future

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