How Artificial Intelligence Could Make Healthcare More Affordable

With every politician in DC focused on solving the problem, high healthcare costs remain a thorn in the average American’s side. Everything from an invasive surgery to a regular check-up costs an arm and a leg, which unfortunately also isn’t covered by your healthcare provider. However, improvements in healthcare technology could spell big savings for everyone from providers to employers to consumers. And artificial intelligence is leading the pack. I had a chance to talk with Jeff Cohen, cofounder and vice president of cognitive innovation services at Welltok, a healthcare company providing consumers with personalized guidance and incentives to optimize their health, about the effect artificial intelligence will have on the healthcare industry as a whole. Check out what he had to say below: Plenty of Data There’s no denying the healthcare industry has produced an unprecedented amount of data, particularly in recent years. Unfortunately, until recently, there has been no way to deal with all of it in a meaningful way that can lower costs. Fortunately, that’s already changing. “The healthcare industry is at a reflection point where providers, health plans, employers, and most importantly, consumers need ways to achieve optimal health,” said Cohen. “Every stakeholder in the healthcare supply chain has both…

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