How CIOs can use machine learning to transforming customer service

In recent years, advances in machine learning have propelled its use to the forefronts of virtually every industry in the modern economy. This exciting new way to conduct business is thus being increasingly relied upon to provide better customer service experiences at a fraction of current cost. What specific strategies are the world’s most innovative companies employing to get the most out of machine learning, and what exactly does it hold for the customer service industry? The role of data in business Recent developments in the collection and analysis of huge sums of data have fundamentally altered how most businesses operate. Companies are now able to collect data and metadata about their consumers, which helps them determine which products or services will be the most popular, and can analyze their own data to detect wasteful trends. Machine learning means your company’s programs can make use of this data without being explicitly programmed to do so, as programs collect, learn, and adapt by utilizing ever-greater sources of data. Your human employees who do relatively simple and often mundane task, such as answering phones, will soon be replaced by much more efficient machines.   Workers who remain employed will find themselves working…

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