How to Prevent a Plague of Dumb Chatbots

For the past few minutes I’ve been chatting with George Washington, and honestly he seems rather drunk. He also appears to have been hanging around with 20-somethings, because he keeps saying things like “cool, haha,” and “u wanna join my army or wut?” This, of course, is not actually America’s first president. It is automated, conversational artificial intelligence, known as a chatbot, created by Drunk History, a comedy TV show, and made available through the messaging program Kik. It’s surprisingly entertaining, if not very coherent. You can now chat with all sorts of bots through a number of messaging services including Kik, WeChat, Telegram, and now, Facebook Messenger. Some are simply meant to entertain, but a growing number are designed to do something useful. You can now book a flight,…

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