How will technology impact the future? This summit may have some answers

Photo Credit: PR

Photo Credit: PR

RE.WORK’s third annual Future Technology Summit, taking place in London from September 24-25, will address new technologies and deep learning

Events and conferences organizer RE.WORK is hosting the third annual Future Technology Summit from September 24-25 in London. This mark’s RE.WORK’s third conference of 2015, and will feature more than 50 speakers that will “cut through the buzzwords” of new technology, say the event’s organizers.

The summit’s goal is to outline a future managed by new technology, covering major changes in medicine and the structure of human society, including what future cities will look like. At the summit, upstart startup professionals and thought leaders will present on medtech, IoT (Internet of Things), artificial intelligence and wearable technology related topics.

The event will actually be two-pronged. In the main track, the Future Technology Summit will take place, and in the second track, RE.WORK’s Deep Learning Summit – based on the conference from San Francisco this past January – will be held.

Talking future technology

Academics, engineers and entrepreneurs from a variety of emerging industries will present to over 200 attendees at the Future Technology Summit.

On AI and biomechanics, swarm robotics expert Sabine Hauert of the University of Bristol will take the stage. Joining her on that subject will be Juan Moreno of the Human Locomotion Laboratory, bioengineering lecturer Vanessa Diaz, and digital health expert Mario Ettore Giardini.

Creative Director of CuteCircuit Francesca Rosella will discuss wearable textiles and Brian Waterfield of Jaguar Land Rover will talk about virtual reality and next generation personal cars.

Immediate benefit?

Practical applications for formerly sci-fi fields of IoT, artificial intelligence, and nanotech will receive a tremendous amount of attention at the conference. One of the startups presenting is 3D modeling and printing company Ultimaker, known for its foray into three-dimensional imaging of MRI scans, where Director Paul Croft will give a talk. Sentiance, a firm that uses context of usage, personalization and pattern recognition to ‘make smart apps intelligent,’ will also present.

Deep learning

The other section of the conference will focus on machine learning, neural networks, Big Data, deep learning algorithms, speech recognition, image retrieval, pattern recognition, and computing systems.

A number of groundbreaking concepts will get a moment in the spotlight from experts like Professor Max Welling, Director of Quva, who will give a talk on how to get machines to map concepts and labels for quicker learning more efficiently. Alex Graves, researcher at Google DeepMind, will talk about neural Turing machines, which enable connections between a neural network and an “external memory matrix.”

To register for the event, visit their website. For more information on the event and how to attend, contact

How will technology impact the future? This summit may have some answers

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