HPE Vertica 8 – Analyse big data anywhere

One of the biggest issues facing organisations today is extracting intelligence from data residing in multiple silos across the data centre. HPE’s new Vertica 8 Advanced Analytics has flexible deployment options across on-premise, private, and public clouds, and in Hadoop data lakes, to adopt a best-fit solution that allows users to choose where and how they run analytics. It has also added Apache Spark integration, advanced in-database machine learning, and support for Microsoft Azure. Codenamed “Frontloader” it introduces a unified architecture and advanced in-database analytics capabilities that enable users to conduct sophisticated analysis at industry-leading scale and speed, regardless of where their data resides. Tony Nottle, Sales Director, Big Data Platform, HPE Software, South Pacific, said, “Building on our Vertica mantra of delivering the broadest deployment and consumption models, and…

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