Huawei Launches Mate 9 With Artificial Intelligence

Huawei has recently unveiled its new premium smartphone dubbed as the Mate 9 that brings in artificial intelligence into the smartphone scenario. This means that, the smartphone, as claimed by the company, is capable of learning the habits of its user and adapt accordingly. Adding further to this, this feature can order the apps according to a person’s usage, in contrast to manual arrangement of apps in Apple iPhone. In-fact, the smartphone by Huawei has been launched in just 3 weeks after the Galaxy Note 7 by Samsung was scrapped completely. Also, recently, Google’s Pixel smartphone were launched with voice-based Artificial Intelligence system called as Google Assistant. This clearly shows where Huawei and other smartphone companies are heading in the near future. Companies are trying to find out new and…

Link to Full Article: Huawei Launches Mate 9 With Artificial Intelligence

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