Human and Computer Partnership

Do you remember that scene in The Matrix when Neo awakens in his liquid-filled pod, to the knowledge that he had been used as a power source for machines his entire life? Or the final scene in Ex-Machina, when Ava leaves Caleb trapped in the facility and escapes to the outside world after having manipulated him all along? These movies don’t exactly portray machines in a good light. Think of the whole premise of the Terminator movies: human equals good, machine equals bad. It’s a familiar pattern in films that probably has a lot to answer for in giving AI bad press. Because when the average person hears the phrase “Artificial Intelligence”, they automatically think of evil, murderous robots who look just like us but have no capacity for empathy. Not exactly the sort of human-computer partnership we believe in. “Terminator 3” by insomniacuredhere is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. Empathy is perceived to be the defining trait of humanity. And so, because AI technology is unable to empathise, it is seen as something to be afraid of. The portrayal of VIKI in I, Robot is a perfect example of the fear of something that lacks empathy. VIKI concluded that humans…

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