Humans and AI work together to predict cyber attacks

Researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have collaborated alongside the machine learning startup PatternEx to demonstrate how an artificial intelligence platform that makes use of continuous input from human experts would be able to predict cyber attacks better than the systems that exist today. CSAIL and PatternEx are calling their new AI platform AI² due to how it combines the intuition of analysts with artificial intelligence. Previously ‘analyst-driven solutions’ relied on the rules created by security experts which resulted in attacks that did not correspond to their rules slipping through the cracks. The machine learning approach to cyber-security relies on ‘anomaly detection’ to discover possible attacks but often results in false positives. CSAIL and PatternEx created AI² by combining machine learning’s ability to detect anomalies with…

Link to Full Article: Humans and AI work together to predict cyber attacks

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