IARPA Releases Its Shopping List For Spy Technology

If you want to talk about high risk, high reward projects, look no further than the list recently released by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, or more readily referred to as the DARPA for spies. IARPA prides itself on looking for far-reaching, risky projects that have the potential to change the intelligence landscape. They love brains, computers, and pretty much anything that makes the general population uncomfortable. The agency looks at a broad range of research, like ways to predict potential threats to national security and secure methods of communication, but the ones that are most ambitious have to do with artificial intelligence and the brain. Specifically, IARPA wants “Brain-inspired algorithms and architectures for artificial intelligence and machine learning.” This kind of technology is already being explored by DARPA,…

Link to Full Article: IARPA Releases Its Shopping List For Spy Technology

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