IBM, AMD, ARM, Others Look to Unite CPUs, Accelerators

The group is creating the CCIX interconnect to enable faster processing of such emerging workloads like data analytics, machine learning and 5G. IBM, ARM and Advanced Micro Devices are among the tech vendors teaming up to create a single data center interconnect fabric that will enable chips and accelerators from different vendors to communicate without the need for complex programming.The new Cache Coherent Interconnect for Accelerators (CCIX) will make servers more efficient and better able to run such emerging data center workloads like big data analytics, machine learning, 4G and 5G wireless networking, video analytics and network-functions virtualization (NFV), according to officials with the companies involved.Other vendors involved are Huawei Technologies, Mellanox Technologies, Qualcomm and FPGA maker Xilinx, which announced that the new product roadmap for its 16-nanomter UltraScale+ FPGAs…

Link to Full Article: IBM, AMD, ARM, Others Look to Unite CPUs, Accelerators

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