IBM reorgs services division around Watson and AI

IBM has revamped and restructured its services division to provide greater emphasis on its Watson platform and artificial intelligence. IBM has been retrenching around Watson, a series of cognitive applications and A.I. applications in one coherent platform, for the last few years as traditional sales of mainframe hardware and software continue to dry up. Bart van den Daele, general manager of IBM Global Technology Services in Europe, told Bloomberg that the new A.I.-centric services will help IBM’s customers minimize disruptions such as server outages or other malfunctions by predicting problems before they occur and taking corrective action, such as adding cloud capacity or rerouting network traffic around bottlenecks. Van den Daele said the company hopes this restructuring will help it maintain its market share in IT network infrastructure management. “We are focused on driving the next level of innovation in infrastructure,” he told Bloomberg. The system also has the ability to understand IT help desk queries using natural language. IBM trained Watson by feeding it data from more than 10 million past incidents, Van den Daele said. The system is now handling more than 800,000 incidents a month. Van den Daele said one large food services distributor, which he could…

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