IBM Research Lead Charts Scope of Watson AI Effort

May 11, 2016 Nages Sieslack Over the past few years, IBM has been devoting a great deal of corporate energy into developing Watson, the company’s Jeopardy-beating supercomputing platform. Watson represents a larger focus at IBM that integrates machine learning and data analytics technologies to bring cognitive computing capabilities to its customers. To find out about how the company perceives its own invention, we asked IBM Fellow Dr. Alessandro Curioni to characterize Watson and how it has evolved into new application domains. Curioni, will be speaking on the subject at the upcoming ISC High Performance conference. He is an IBM Fellow, Vice President Europe and Director IBM Research – Zurich Research Laboratory, Switzerland. Artificial intelligence has undergone something of a renaissance over the last several years. While much of the industry…

Link to Full Article: IBM Research Lead Charts Scope of Watson AI Effort

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