IBM: Riskier, But The Payoff Could Be Greater

IBM (IBM) has taken a more speculative approach to the area of machine learning than competitors such as Microsoft (MSFT) or Amazon (AMZN). As it stands, technology companies have recognised the value of providing effective tools to both capture vast amounts of data efficiently and analyse that data in innovative ways. Currently, over 99% of the world’s data remains unanalysed, and thus there is a great demand for effective technologies to be able to do this. Services such as Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon Web Services have been the leaders in the area of cloud computing, providing large cloud storage capabilities along with data science based applications to be able to make sense of collected data. However, the human element remains key within such applications – the tools are there for effective data analysis, but it is up to the developer to implement effective solutions to implement such analysis. IBM has not excelled in this area to the extent that competitors have. However, IBM is taking somewhat of a different approach in attempting to differentiate its offerings in the marketplace. Specifically, IBM is relying far more on the area of artificial intelligence to make its mark. The idea behind artificial intelligence…

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