IDA Hive: Designing Singapore’s digital government services

IDA Hive is home to Singapore’s Government Digital Services (GDS) team, made up of about 100 data scientists, designers, engineers, coders and other experts.  The 13,000 sq feet space at the Sandcrawler includes a design experience lab fitted with sensor technology, facilities for user research and user experience testing. To date, the team has rolled out several digital government services, including Beeline, OneService and MyResponder.  eGov Innovation speaks with Eyung Lim, Deputy Director of Digital Design & Development at IDA  to find out more about IDA Hive and the process of designing digital government services.  What’s the Government Digital Services team at IDA Hive like? We have a multi-disciplinary team of about 100 staff across product development and data science. Areas of focus include data science, design, engineering, coding, ethnography…

Link to Full Article: IDA Hive: Designing Singapore’s digital government services

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