Imani Duncan-Price | World of Work 2020 and Beyond

Contributed Imani Duncan-Price It’s a sunny day at Oxford University and half the classroom is crying or paralysed with fear and the other half is looking at the data with anticipation of opportunity. I felt a wave of anxiety rise in me as I thought this conversation is not happening in Jamaica and that the developing world seemed set to miss the boat again. While Jamaica was struggling to get its education system right – with a needed focus on generating quality, now that we had achieved full access for the majority – the developed world was set to make a quantum leap with artificial intelligence (AI). While we struggle with the fact that one in two Jamaicans graduate from high school unqualified for the current world of work, the reality is that jobs that exist now likely won’t be needed in 10 years’ time. The presentation and discussion was on ‘The World of Work 2020 and Beyond – the Fourth Industrial Revolution’, a phrase coined by the World Economic Forum given the extensive and complete shift they saw coming in how the world and people will soon operate due to AI. Artificial intelligence is basically what used to be…

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