Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka Unveils First Indigenously-Built Driverless Vehicle

Advertisement Advertisement Infosys has reportedly built a self-driving vehicle. CEO & Managing Director of Infosys, Vishal Sikka showcased a futuristic driverless cart at a recent media briefing by the company in Bengaluru. According to sources, the vehicle was developed at the IT giant’s Mysore campus. The automatous cart was built to train employees on the latest technological developments in emerging fields like artificial intelligence and machine learning. In a recent tweet, Vishal Sikka introduced the driverless vehicle. An autonomous vehicle for me & Pravin, built right in Mysore @Infosys Engg Services!Who says we can’t build transformative technologies? — Vishal Sikka (@vsikka) July 14, 2017 Equipped with an array of sensors, the driverless cart is programmed to autonomously sense its surrounding. It does so by using an AI-driven system to navigate without having to rely on a human driver. The vehicle also comes fitted with advanced control features that enable it to identify road signs, traffic signals, and obstacles. Commenting on the cart’s innovative design, Vishal Sikka stated, “I drove here to this venue in our own indigenously— built autonomous golf cart. This is a test bed that we have built to train thousands of engineers on autonomous driving technology…

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