Inside the Analytic Transformation of Pitney Bowes

Who is Pitney Bowes? For some, the 96-year-old company is synonymous with 20th century technology, like mailing machines and postage meters. But after Tuesday’s launch of its new Commerce Cloud, it’s clear the company sees its future helping small and midsize businesses better navigate the global commerce, with data and analytics playing key roles. Tuesday’s launch of the Commerce Cloud is the culmination of several years of work to remake Pitney Bowes (NYSE: PTI) into a modern digital organization. Yes, the $3.5-billion, Connecticut-based concern still sells and services huge mailing machines, called inserters, and postage machines to some of the country’s biggest organizations. But with mail volume in the U.S. down 28 percent over past decade, the company is in need of a transformation. This is where data, analytics, and Web-based…

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