Insilico Applies Deep Learning to Drug Discovery

Scientists at Insilico Medicine, Inc. are using Deep Learning for drug discovery and biomarker development. In a study published in the journal Molecular Pharmaceutics, Insilico worked with Datalytic Solutions and Mind Research Network to train deep neural networks to predict the therapeutic use of large number of multiple drugs using gene expression data obtained from high-throughput experiments on human cell lines. “The world of artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving and affecting every aspect of our daily life. And soon this progress will be felt in the pharmaceutical industry. We set up the Pharma.AI division to help pharmaceutical companies significantly accelerate their R&D and increase the number of approved drugs, but in the process we came up with over 800 strong hypotheses in oncology, cardiovascular, metabolic and CNS space and started basic validation. We are…

Link to Full Article: Insilico Applies Deep Learning to Drug Discovery

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