Integrated Science Center: Phase 3 set to stun

Hannes Schniepp uses atomic force microscopy to examine the molecular structure of complex materials such as silk and spider webs. It’s a sensitive technique, and one that just doesn’t do well with vibration. So, Schniepp installed his AFM lab on the ground floor of McGlothlin-Street Hall, the most vibration-free place available. Even working this low in the building, the lab staff is so vibration-averse that no one talks while an atomic force microscope is being used. Breathing is permissible, as long as it is kept low and regular. And it worked — until the geologists next door fire up their rock saw. Those were the old days. (And courteous collegial coordination with the Department of Geology forged a schedule that allowed the use of both instruments.) Since August, Schniepp, an…

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