Intel bets big on AI ‘for business and society’

Calling AI “the next major turning point in human history,” Intel CEO Brian Krzanich wrote an editorial likening the coming revolution to the Industrial Revolution, saying this so-called Intelligence Revolution will be driven by data, neural networks and computing power. And, conveniently, Krzanich said Intel is “uniquely capable” of accelerating the promise of AI and is therefore making “major investments” in technology and developer resources to advance AI for business and society alike. This includes Intel’s Saffron cognitive platform, which leverages associative and machine learning techniques for memory-based reasoning and transparent analysis of multi-sourced, sparse, dynamic data, he said. This technology is particularly well-suited for small devices, making intelligent local analytics possible across the IoT and helping advance state-of the-art collaborative AI, Krzanich added. What’s more, Intel’s pending acquisition of…

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