Intel, NVIDIA Battle it out in data centre market

BENGALURU: Intel and NVIDIA battle are locked in new battle for turf, the booming data centre market and at the heart of this skirmish the technology that’s changing the world: Artificial Interlligence (AI).In the recent quarter ended April 30, NVIDIA’s revenue increased by 48% reaching $1.94 billion compared to previous year. A big revenue bump came from its Data centre business which recorded $409 million revenue in the first quarter of this fiscal, up 186% year-on-year. The reason for the exponential increase is the spike in demand for a specific kind of microprocessor called Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) made by NVIDIA.Large technology companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, and Alibaba have all installed NVIDIA’s elite Tesla GPUs to power their data centres to perform machine learning to analyse data…

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