Intel’s Deep Learning Chips Will Arrive in 2017

Intel is ready to up its game in artificial intelligence (AI), announcing that chips from its acquisition of startup Nervana will be ready for internal testing in 2017. The chips, code-named Lake Crest, would then begin sampling to key customers later that year. Related Articles It was one of a few product announcements Intel made at an AI-themed event Intel held in San Francisco on Thursday. Speakers included CEO Brian Krzanich and Diane Bryant, executive vice president of Intel’s data center group — indications of how seriously Intel is about artificial intelligence. Lake Crest will be followed by Knight’s Crest, which will integrate Nervana’s architecture with Intel’s Xeon microprocessors. The roadmap for Xeon Phi, Intel’s own line of machine-learning processors, will continue as well. The current Xeon Phi generation is…

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