Intel’s VP of Datacenter Group on “AI—and More—on IA”

August 15, 2016 Ken Strandberg Rajeeb Hazra, VP of Intel’s Datacenter Group, is a car buff. Why is that important to HPC? Because autonomous cars are the future, and it will take a phenomenal amount of compute to support them. Hazra recently shared that some estimates to accurately support 20,000 autonomous cars would require an exaflop of sustained compute. This level of supercomputing is needed, considering the network of millions of sensors inside and outside the cars and their interpretation, plus the deep learning needed to constantly stay aware of the world around them and the drivers inside them, and repeatedly pass new models to the cars. And that’s just 20,000 cars. Nothing hyperscales like traffic in the largest cities in the world, he pointed out. He also noted that,…

Link to Full Article: Intel’s VP of Datacenter Group on “AI—and More—on IA”

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