International Graduate School on Neuroscience and Immunology

21 PhD scholarships in anInternational Graduate School on Neuroscience and ImmunologyGoals:The international Graduate school on Analysis, Imaging, and Modelling of Neuronal and Inflammatory Processes (ABINEP) is based on the internationally recognized research foci in Neurosciences and Immunology of the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg (OVGU). ABINEP aims at fostering cutting edge research projects in rising sub-disciplines of these research areas, which are currently supported by several German Research foundation (DFG)- and European Community (EU)-funded collaborative projects in Magdeburg (including the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centers SFBs 779 and 854 and associated graduate schools, as well as DFG TRs 31 and 62). To further strengthen the international interconnection of these research foci ABINEP aims at educating excellent international PhD student candidates in either of the 4 ABINEP topical modules: Neuroinflammation: Inflammatory processes in neurodegeneration(5 stipends)…

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