Internet Trolls Have Declared War on Google

A small Google subsidiary is set to release an artificial intelligence program aimed at cleaning up abuse and harassment from the internet. Jigsaw’s “Conversation AI” would use machine learning to identify racial slurs and other hostile language, to allow sites the ability to clean up their platforms. Currently content moderation is very labor intensive and requires humans to manually sift through flagged content. The aim of the project is to develop artificial intelligence that could filter out hate speech without erasing language that simply resembles it. However, when a Wired reporter tried out the software he found he was easily able to fool the AI into thinking phrases like “you suck all the fun out of life” were harassment. More EXCLUSIVE: Angelina Jolie Scraps ‘Africa’ Elephant Film with Brad Pitt Following Brangelina Break-Up…

Link to Full Article: Internet Trolls Have Declared War on Google

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