Interview: Gary Southwell, Seceon

The terms “machine learning”, “threat detection” and “data analytics” are used fairly ubiquitously these days, and this week a company launched offering a “new approach to conventional threat detection and management”.The focus of Seceon is to detect and stop both recognized and unknown threats when they happen, instead of days, weeks or months later. The concept is based around seeing threats clearly and quickly, stopping threats from inflicting extensive damage through containment, and using behavioral threat detection modeling and machine learning to better understand attacks. Working on an annual subscription basis for any size enterprise, Seceon’s Docker Open Threat Manager (OTM) platform provides real-time visibility into enterprise activity through its intuitive interface. It provides holistic threat detection based on how devices, users, behaviors, processes and policies interact, and delivering automated elimination and containment…

Link to Full Article: Interview: Gary Southwell, Seceon

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