IoT solution brings a boost to Tasmania’s oyster farms

news AgTech business The Yield has developed a new system that uses in-water sensors, cloud computing and machine learning to offer an improved outcome for the bivalve-based businesses. As filter feeders, oysters’ edibility depends highly on water quality, and when rain causes flooding into the estuaries where the molluscs are farmed, they may pick up contaminants that can pose a potential risk of food poisoning for consumers. As a result, when there is a perceived risk, regulations mean oyster farms must close for days or weeks until conditions improve, which can cause business owners to forego revenues of up to $120,000 for each day harvest is held back. Furthermore, the spread of the virus causing Pacific oyster mortality syndrome (POMS) has devastated some oyster farming businesses. One such enterprise, Tasmania’s Barilla Bay Oysters – once one of the state’s largest oyster farmers – saw 70% of its harvest wiped out by…

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