“Irresponsible”: Mark Zuckerberg Slams Elon Musk’s “Doomsday” Attitude

Left; by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, Right; by David Paul Morris/Bloomberg/Getty Images. Three years ago, Tesla C.E.O. Elon Musk had a revelation. He had invested in DeepMind, the artificial-intelligence start-up that would soon be acquired by Google, and was alarmed by how quickly the technology was advancing. “It gave me more visibility into the rate at which things were improving, and I think they’re really improving at an accelerating rate, far faster than people realize,” the billionaire told Maureen Dowd in a magazine profile for Vanity Fair earlier this year. “Mostly because in everyday life you don’t see robots walking around. Maybe your Roomba or something. But Roombas aren’t going to take over the world.” He grew increasingly concerned, and vocal: In a startling public reproach to his friends and fellow techies, Musk warned that they could be creating the means of their own destruction. He told Bloomberg’s Ashlee Vance, the author of the biography Elon Musk, that he was afraid that his friend Larry Page, a co-founder of Google and now the C.E.O. of its parent company, Alphabet, could have perfectly good intentions but still “produce something evil by accident”—including, possibly, “a fleet of artificial intelligence-enhanced robots capable of destroying…

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