Is Artificial Intelligence-Driven Customer Service Better Customer Service?

A Snarketing post by Ron Shevlin There is no shortage of data providers pitching database marketers on how great their data source is. Do good database marketers throw away all their existing data sources to use the new and (allegedly) improved data? No. They run tests.  They run simulation models to see if the new data source produces different results indicating who to market and how to market them, and they test the potential new data source to see if it produces superior response and conversion rates to the existing data source(s). Too bad customer service doesn’t do this. Or at least, it doesn’t seem like they do this. From what I can tell reading the banking press and blogosphere, customer service departments in banking seem ready and willing to shut down all existing service approaches and rely on AI (artificial intelligence). But will AI-driven customer service truly provide superior customer service? And how would we even define what “superior” service is? Is anybody testing this? Let’s Run a Test… To test the hypothesis that AI delivers superior customer service, we have to define use cases, or situations, that can be evaluated. Honestly, I don’t know what those use cases should…

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