Is This the Face of Artificial Intelligence?

Caption: Looking good. Amelia is the face of AI being developed by IPsoft and the company hope she will be used in answering insurance claims or doing some other customer service. (picture from IPsoft video) IBM’s Watson may be smarter. It can beat humans in almost any game they have invented. Alexa, from Amazon, now lurks in our homes. But what the Go-playing AI and the merchandise ordering device have lacked has been a face. You are still talking to a computer, or some strange thing that sits on your coffee table.Amelia, a creation of IPsoft, was just declared a leader in AI solutions (see press release on IPsoft website). Amelia presents as a slight young blond woman, head and shoulders, attractive enough but not overly distracting (we’ll have to wait for Fox AI newscaster for that). When not talking, she appears a little dead around the eyes. Compared to a human actor, Amelia does poorly. In the short company video, she appears to flutter her eyes and blither like an idiot. But with a harmless, non threatening face, even if computer generated, maybe less likely to have you yell into your phone after you find yourself trapped again in…

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