It’s Time For A Revolution In Brain Awareness

leolintang via Getty Images Here’s a more-or-less random collection of headlines about neuroscience from the last month alone: “Neuroscience discovers 5 things that will make you happy;” “Now, find your life partner through neuroscience!;” “Creative block? Here’s the neuroscience of how to fix that.” No other field of scientific inquiry, it’s safe to say, inspires so much attention from such diverse fields of interests. Why do everyone from entertainers to economists, among many others, look to neuroscience for clues on how to do their jobs more effectively? The answer is simple: it’s because neuroscience studies the brain, the most complicated and least understood of our organs, the operating system that controls everything we say, do, feel, and think. As a neuroscientist and brain surgeon, this surge of interest in my…

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