Japanese Apply Artificial Intelligence to Help in Diagnosing Cancer

24 de julio de 2017, 11:26Tokyo, July 24 (Prensa Latina) Japanese scientists have created an early diagnosis system for colorectal cancer based on artificial intelligence (AI), which is capable of detecting up to 98 percent of polyps and other carcinogenic signs, the Asahi daily reported today.According to the publication, this system makes use of facial recognition technologies to quickly identify abnormal conditions during images taken inside the large intestine.When anomalies are detected, the AI-based system circles its location on a monitor and an immediately an audible alarm beeps.By the use of such a system, Japanese experts found polyps that had not yet developed into tumors, as well as early cancer stages during a routine colonoscopy.During the investigation, the experts reviewed -with this new system- the images related to 5.000 cases.At the end of the research, the technology even detected a polyp 2 mm in diameter and another that was difficult to detect since the color was similar to that of the surrounding mucosa, according to the publication.Researchers expect this system to help eliminate human error in that procedure.The results of that analysis may change depending on the ability of the doctor, so the failure rate in detecting small polyps during…

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