JNeurosci: Highlights From the August 17 Issue

Check out these newsworthy studies from the August 17, 2016, issue of JNeurosci. Media interested in obtaining the full text of the studies should contact media@sfn.org. Genetic Reprogramming of Supporting Cells in Cochlea Generates New Hair Cells Hair cells — auditory receptors located in the cochlea — fail to regenerate when damaged, and hair cell loss is the leading cause of hearing disorders. Supporting cells in the cochlea can differentiate into hair cells, but this often depletes the population of supporting cells. Researchers have found a way to genetically reprogram supporting cells in the mouse cochlea so that they both proliferate and differentiate into hair cells, which may suggest new ways to stimulate hair cell regeneration in hearing disorders. Corresponding author: Huawei Li, lihuawei63@gmail.com Changes in Amygdala Activity Can Both…

Link to Full Article: JNeurosci: Highlights From the August 17 Issue

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