JNeurosci: Highlights From the September 21 Issue

Check out these newsworthy studies from the September 21, 2016, issue of JNeurosci. Media interested in obtaining the full text of the studies should contact media@sfn.org. Brain Changes Explain Why Male Rats Seek Drugs After Sexual Abstinence Both drugs of abuse and naturally rewarding behaviors like sex act on the brain’s reward pathways. Exposure to natural rewards can alter how the brain responds to drugs. After a period of abstinence, sexually experienced male rats are more likely to seek out amphetamine, for example. In a new study, researchers pinpoint the changes to neural circuitry that mediate this increased vulnerability for drug use after sexual abstinence. Corresponding author: Lique Coolen, lcoolen@umc.edu Targeting Chronic Immune Response May Rescue Neurodegeneration After Traumatic Brain Injury The repercussions of traumatic brain injury (TBI) often linger…

Link to Full Article: JNeurosci: Highlights From the September 21 Issue

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