keonkim/deep-service Boilerplate application for a Flask JWT Backend and a React/Redux Front-End with Material UI. Python 2.7+ or 3.x Pytest Heroku Flask React Redux React-Router 2.0 React-Router-Redux Babel 6 SCSS processing Webpack Create DB $ export DATABASE_URL=”postgresql://localhost/yourdb” or $ export DATABASE_URL=”mysql+mysqlconnector://localhost/yourdb” or $ export DATABASE_URL=”sqlite:///your.db” $ python create_db $ python db upgrade $ python db migrate To update database after creating new migrations, use: $ python db upgrade Install Front-End Requirements $ cd static $ npm install Run Back-End $ python runserver Test Back-End $ python –cov-report=term –cov-report=html –cov=application/ tests/ Run Front-End $ cd static $ npm start Build Front-End $ npm run build:production

Link to Full Article: keonkim/deep-service

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