Kickstarter has helped create 29600 full-time jobs

The company formerly known as Google just announced its Q2 earnings. Alphabet reported that it brought in $21.5 billion in revenues during the second quarter, up 21% year-over-year, and ahead of analysts’ estimates of $20.7 billion. Three months ago, the company’s revenue came in lower than estimates. As in the past, Google made up the vast, vast majority of Alphabet’s revenue. For Q2, Google accounted for $21.32 billion, or 99.1% of the total. The company’s so-called “Other bets” segment, which includes Nest, Google X, Verily, and Google Ventures, brought in $185 million during Q2, up from $74 million in Q2 2015. But those efforts came at a loss of $859 million for the quarter. Alphabet did not break down revenue from within Other Bets, but might do so during its…

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