Learning Systems, Autonomy and Human-Machine Teaming

By Cheryl PellerinDoD News, Defense Media Activity Aboard a military aircraft, coming home from the Nov. 20 Reagan National Defense Forum, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work discussed the department’s future. The Pentagon may always plan for war but its real goal is deterrence — to keep potential adversaries from even considering initiating a war with the United States, Work says. Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work is briefed on the function and capability of the National Ignition Facility as he tours the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, Calif., during a visit Aug. 5, 2015. Photo by Master Sgt. Adrian Cadiz Offset Strategies To do this, DoD uses what it calls offset strategies –- new ways to get around an adversary’s strength. The first U.S. offset was in the 1950s…

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