Legal AI Pioneer Seal Expands German Capability

This is a Sponsored Thought Leadership article by Mihaly Gündisch, General Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, at legal AI, contract discovery and analysis company, Seal Software. The piece covers some of Gündisch’s thoughts on the issues General Counsel face today and also contains news about the legal AI company’s expansion in Europe.In a recent blog post, my colleague Tim Norman spoke about how ‘agility eats perfection for breakfast’. What he meant was that often the pursuit of a perfect outcome or result is done at the expense of being responsive and able to act quickly on the things that matter. So, it is with agility in mind that Seal has responded to the unique needs of our customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH), and cemented our local presence to ensure that they are supported. The Increasing Challenges for General Counsel in Germany and DACH Region Mihaly Gündisch, Seal Software Germany is now arguably the leading economic powerhouse of Europe. We rely on the German automobile and pharmaceutical industries globally, just to name two sectors. In a market that is known for being conservative, disciplined and organised, enterprises are constantly under the threat of complex, rigorous and highly demanding federal and local…

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