Legal CIOs more inclined to AI and machine learning

IT decision makers in the legal sector are much more inclined to using artificial intelligence and machine learning than their counterparts in other industries.  This is according to a new report by CenturyLink, based on a poll of 200 ITDMs across a wide array of industries.  More than half of legal sector staff use predictive coding (55 per cent) and machine learning (48 per cent). In non-legal sectors, just 30 per cent, and 38 per cent of CIOs are doing the same thing, respectively.   “IT staff in legal industries have a forward-thinking and well-reasoned attitude to artificial intelligence and automation technologies,” says Jamie Tyler, Head of Digital Transformation, CenturyLink. “They understand the impact and benefits that this technology can have, as well as its limitations, well ahead of their…

Link to Full Article: Legal CIOs more inclined to AI and machine learning

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