Lenovo uses machine learning to analyse customer feedback

Lenovo, the world’s biggest PC maker, has been analysing unstructured data from social channels such as YouTube and Instagram to gain a better understanding of how consumers feel about its products and what features it should include in future products. Four years ago, the firm’s focus was on engineering and its products. Lenovo based its strategies and product line on feedback from its engineers, test teams and lab teams. The firm’s CEO Yuan Yuanqing realised that being more customer-centric could help bolster growth and innovation. Lenovo wanted to combine traditional customer feedback such as online forums or surveys with social media. The director of the Customer Insight Centre of Excellence, Strategy & Analytics at Lenovo, Mohammed Charra,  took it upon himself to spearhead this new strategy by developing an app…

Link to Full Article: Lenovo uses machine learning to analyse customer feedback

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