Letter signed by leading science personalities on ban of Autonomous Weapons

Artificial intelligence is a topic that has been gaining attention lately. Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak are among many on the list that have warned about the implications of artificial intelligence. They have signed a letter that demands ban on autonomous weapons.

In May, a high-level confab was organized at the UN to assess ‘technological developments, the ethical and sociological questions that arise from the development and deployment of autonomous weapons, as well as the adequacy and legal challenges to international law and the possible impact on military operations’.

Even, advocacy groups have been raising concerns on the matter. Experts said that robots are not common on battlefield, but it can also not be denied that they are more common than the scenario seen just a decade ago.

It has been seen that different fields including military and the US Navy have been testing the boundary of what military robotics can do. In fact, the US Navy has also conducted its first test of an undersea drone launched from a submarine.

There are many experts who have affirmed that conditions have not taken place yet that could make people panic. Also, experts said it is quite questionable to ban weapons that do not even exist.

It will take time to see how robots are being developed and for what purpose. Assistive robotics is most likely to become the most influential development.

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