Lex Sokolin: FinTech Futurist – The 2016 IA 25

Artificial intelligence and bitcoin will reshape the way advisors do business, Sokolin says. Lex Sokolin’s financial services story starts in high school. “It was the ’90s, and I made websites as an 18-year-old,” he said. That creative part of his brain got put on hold for four years during his first foray in financial services at Lehman Brothers. While at Lehman, Sokolin was inspired when he had to cull unprofitable accounts. “From the point of view of a 24- or 23-year-old who needs financial advice and who has at the time a lot of respect for everyone around you — that sucks,” he said. “Essentially, everyone like me is getting fired as a client.” So in 2010, Sokolin created NestEgg Wealth, a technology company and RIA that helped pioneer online…

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