Listen: Artificial Intelligence writes pop songs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made our modern lives infinitely better, but will some day completely enslave us if we’re to believe some science fiction films, and now a computer’s brain has tried its hand at musical composition. The two pop songs, created in a Sony research laboratory by a software system called ‘flow machines’ are a surprising listen. The AI composed the tunes by analysing a database of songs of similar style, before ‘spitting out’ it’s own concoction. A human composer was needed to write the lyrics however. The first song ‘Daddy’s Car’ is a pure-pop with a nod to the likes of the Beatles and Beach Boys, and current alternative post-rock darlings ‘Animal Collective’. It’s a soft and inoffensive composition but pleasant none the less. What do you think?…

Link to Full Article: Listen: Artificial Intelligence writes pop songs

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