Machine learning chipmaker Graphcore raises USD 30 mln

UK-based Graphcore announced that it’s raised USD 30 million from investors in a Series A financing round after two years in stealth mode. The investors include Bosch, Samsung, Amadeus Capital, C4 Ventures, Draper Esprit, Foundation Capital & Pitango Capital.  Graphcore is developing processors aimed at improving machine learning. The technology looks to reduce the cost of accelerating AI applications in the cloud and bring AI to low-power consumer devices.  GPUs have been used in deep learning to date because they are the only commercially-available parallel processors that have come close to delivering the high compute density required, according to the company. Microsoft is experimenting with FPGAs, which remain expensive and difficult to program. Graphcore said these are stopgaps, not long-term solutions.  It’s looking to help build highly parallel processors, complete…

Link to Full Article: Machine learning chipmaker Graphcore raises USD 30 mln

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