Machine Learning, Deep Learning, & Google RankBrain

Over the last five years, the concept of “machine learning” entered the mainstream. Today the term is a lightning rod for discussion, particularly in the world of search marketing. Over the last 5 years, interest in machine learning measured by Google Trends, has trended sharply upwards. Though often used interchangeably with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning is more accurate described as a subset of AI. Hollywood representations of artificial intelligence, through creations like the Terminator and 3CPO, largely shape society’s impression of AI’s capabilities. However, “self-aware” machines capable of using reason and logic are still well beyond what existing AI can do today. In 1950, a 13-foot-tall computing system dubbed “Bertie the Brain” proved unbeatable at Tic-Tac-Toe. The machine squared off against human competition at the Canadian National Exhibition. By…

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