Machine Learning Engineer — Cutting Edge 3D Robotics

Job Description The job entails developing working with a dedicated, highly educated team of engineers to develop and implement machine learning algorithms and robust reactive robot control systems for Universal Robotics. Among other tasks, the engineer will design and use of analog and digital data acquisition and analysis systems on embedded platforms. The individual will work in a fast paced, dynamic environment with a team of creative, high-performance engineers. Company will sponsor H1B and Green Cards.Qualifications • Minimum 2 years experience in algorithm implementation using C/C++, or C# (.NET framework), CUDA and Matlab. • M.S/Ph.D. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Applied Mathematics. • Thorough knowledge and experience in supervised and unsupervised learning methods such as SVMs, Neural Nets, Bayes nets and clustering techniques. • Familiarity with reinforcement learning methods.…

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