Machine Learning Engineer (Fulltime/No Telecommute)

With over $47M in funding we are able to revolutionize the Big Data industry! Below is more information on the role and company. Let me know if you would be interested in exploring this further. If you aren’t interested but know of someone who may be interested feel free to forward this along as we have a $1000 referral fee. Thanks!The state-of-the-art in Big Data is “simple things complex, complex things impossible.” We think the future should be “simple things easy, and complex things possible.” Join us and work with world’s leading experts in distributed systems, databases, and networking to build a next-generation Big Data platform that users love.As a software engineer in the advanced analytics team you will implement machine learning algorithms in Spark that scale to massive datasets…

Link to Full Article: Machine Learning Engineer (Fulltime/No Telecommute)

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